Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Learn Something New Every Day...

So, I think that I've often blogged about my lack of understanding about the attraction of tattoos and piercings.

This morning on the way in to work, I was listening to CBC's morning program "Subcultures", and the topic was body modification.

I listened to an interview with a young man who does scarification as well as tattoos and piercings for a living.
He talked about the "spiritual" side of scarring, the "cleansing" and "getting rid of pain" and while he was talking all I could think about is the whole "cutting" phenomenon that has become a problem with many people in the past few years.
A problem that has been labelled a psychological issue amongst teens and young people.

The host, Hal Niedzviecki did a whole monologue on how we're all modified in one way or another, from our blue tooths, to our cell phones to our piercings, and tattoos.

Well, I see what he's saying...but I think that it's stretching it to compare:

This or say, this to carrying a cellphone or wearing a blue tooth.

Call me provincial.