Monday, June 19, 2006

Todays Petty Pet Peeve

You know what I hate?
I hate people who don't think efficiently.

"Yes, Radmila..." you say, "but you're an anal-borderline-obssessive-compulsive".

This may be true, but think about how much better the world would function if people thought like I do.

Well, for me anyway.

This morning I was driving The Stepson home on my way to work, and I stopped for gas.
At the gas station there is a little Tim Hortons Kiosk.

I thought, "I'll get The Son a hot chocolate to drink on the way"

There was no one in line at Timmy's while I was paying for gas, but like in that old Warner Bros. know the one where the guy goes into the bank and there's no one there, until he goes to step into line and suddenly 100 people jump ahead of him?

So, it was like that, but there were only 3 people.
I wait, and then the guy in front of me gets up to the cashier and I hear him start ordering.
But then, I realize that he's not stopping.
The list just kept going...everytime I thought he was going to stop, he'd add another thing..."Oh, and a sesame bagel, no butter....oh, and 20 timbits...oh, and...."

If you're going to order breakfast for the whole staff of General Motors, go to an actual Tim Hortons Restaurant, not the GAS STATION KIOSK where people want to grab a coffee and get on the road to work.

The same thing goes for lottery tickets.
Because of the gas station lottery ticket phenomenon, I no longer use debit at the gas station, always cash.
That's so that I can throw my cash on the counter and walk out, and bypass the lottery ticket freak with $100 worth of 649 tickets he/she has to check, and then his/her purchase of another $100 worth, plus deciding what he/she's going to do with any winnings.
Invest again? Quick pick? Play encore?
All this while the line to PAY for GAS at a GAS STATION...snakes out behind them.

I'm done now.
Thanks for listening.
You're my best friend.