Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Click Around

Happy Father's Day!
Send your Dad a virtual card at Yankee
While we're on the topic of Dads on Father's Day, Menstuff® has compiled stories and poems on the issue of fathers.

For those of you who need a boost in self-esteem, The Advertising Slogan Generator can sell you on yourself. I'm not sure what else you could use it for.

Word Up is...well, I'm not really sure what the point is, but you can type in anything you want..and it appears to be passed on. If you click on the arrows in the upper right corner, you can move backwards or forward to read what others have written.

e-admit is another online confessional site. I still marvel at what people are capable of doing to themselves and each other. Online confessionals confirm that people suck. This one differs in that you can actually comment on the confession. An opportunity to get your judgement on. Believe me, some of these people need it with both barrels.

Pictures of Walls entertained me for quite a while. Sometimes graffiti can be profound, just stupid or other times hilarious.
This picture of an altered stop sign made me laugh out loud.

Do you have a paranormal entity following you around harassing you?
For just 5 bucks, you can get a Paranormal Restraining Order.
Never fear God, Satan, The Grim Reaper or Aliens ever again.
Except, well...we know how effective restraining orders really the time the authorities get there, it's usually too late.

Remember how the phrase "Dooced" got coined?
Many bloggers legitimately fear getting fired for blogging about their jobs...
...well, Red Lobster Hates it's Employees obviously has no fear of this.
Mind you, if you get fired from Red Lobster, who cares?
What I would care about is a lawsuit.
But, I'd be impressed if the Head Lobsters had a sense of humour about it.
Frankly, there are better seafood restaurants to go to, if you want my opinion, and I'm sure you do.

That's all for now...Have a great day if you're a good Dad...
...if you're not, up yours you irresponsible bastard.