Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Click Around

While surfing around, I ran across Soviet Posters and lo and behold! There was the poster I photographed in Quebec City when The Mister and me visited The Concours Vie de tsar exhibit. While we're on Russian things and I was talking about tattoos the other day, here's a site that will show you the intricate work of Russian inmates.

Here's an interesting little thing. It was a conscious effort to say what the colour actually was, rather than read the word. A fight between the right and left brain.

The Face of Tomorrow is a concept for a series of photographs that addresses the effects of globalization on identity. Kind of interesting, as a concept. It looks like the face of tomorrow may be more Asian than anything else. Of course that would be dependant upon living in a large city, because I'm pretty sure that the face of tomorrow in Meaford, Ontario looks much like it does today.

If you've been perplexed by the dilemma of how to cut a pineapple, your problem is finally solved!
I didn't realize that there were enough people out there that couldn't figure it out, and that it warranted an entire website and domain.

What kind of bloggers are we?

I'll be testing out this recipe tonight.
I often look for recipes by way of what I need to use before it expires.
I currently have 3 Asian eggplants that must be used soon. I'll be substituting the fennel with Bok Choy (because that's what I have onhand, and the akatogarashi with scotch bonnet for the same reason)
Years ago, I used to stick to recipe ingredients and measurements to the letter, but I realized that they were sometimes better when I trusted my own instincts and logic.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

This might be old news, but I found 5ives an amusing site to click though.

Cosmotions are time lapse photo animations of the real cosmos. Pretty amazing.

That's all for now folks...