Friday, May 04, 2007

I've heard the mother of this kid interviewed three times today.
Apparently, this 11 year old had a problem at school that escalated into a tantrum that included kicking, spitting, and hitting of school staff.
The Principal called the police and apparently they handcuffed the child.

The story doesn't sound right to me.
There is something missing from it.
The mother is taking the child's word for it (natch) and is blaming the school Principal for over-reacting, and calling police.
The interviewers are saying that the police were "way out of line" handcuffing an 11 year old.
I mean, she's only 11.

Are you kidding me?
I don't know how many of you have paid attention to the size of 11 year olds these days.
There are 11 year olds who are bigger and heavier than I am.
There are 11 year olds in this school who could kick my ass.

I'm finding it a little hard to comprehend how this situation escalated into this kid ending up in handcuffs but I can't imagine that it's "just because".
The police statement was that it was done to protect the girl from herself.
It must have been some tantrum.
I venture to think that it was less of a tantrum, than an attack.
I've seen them many, many times.
I have experienced a few myself.

A kid can kick, bite, slap, spit at, swear at, or head butt (happened to a colleague of mine) a teacher, but a teacher can't touch them.
You can't legally protect yourself because she's "just a child".
What else do you do but call the police?

All this happened over a coat?
Clearly, everyone is lying but this little girl.
The Principal, the Teachers and the Police are all lying about what happened.
It's a giant conspiracy.

I suggest to Teachers all over this city; the next time a child has a tantrum in your classroom, do as this child's mother suggests, and let the child "tantrum it out", knock themselves unconscious, and perhaps injure a few other children, and then the parents can sue you for not "ensuring the safety" of their children. They can accuse teachers of not doing anything about "bullies".

You're screwed, either way.
This shit makes my blood boil.
Everyone can talk, but how many would know what to do when faced with getting their ass kicked by an 11 year old?
Without the right to defend themselves.