Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Please know that when you hear:

"Six men have been arrested in Mount Laurel, NJ, on charges that they are Islamic militants who were planning on attacking local Army base Fort Dix to "kill as many soldiers as possible" with gunfire".

...and they say that some of them are from "the Former Yugoslavia", know that they are Albanian, and would most probably NOT want to be known as being from "the Former Yugoslavia"...even though the media would most probably want to point you in that direction.

What they are are fundamentalist Muslim Albanians....not Former Yugoslavians.

Just so that you know...Because I'm fucking sick of hearing them referred to as "Former Yugoslavians" since they're Albanian...and they'd probably rather be boiled in oil than be referred to as Yugoslavians.

...and frankly, so would I.
(boil them in oil, that is...)