Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Click Around

I accidentally found this little page with excerpts from a book on trivia about famous historical people and their thoughts on sex.
Meanwhile, here are 5 things you should know about harems before you get one.

I know that years ago, when music videos were actually little films, artists really didn't know how to present themselves and many produced some really, really strange little accompanying films/videos to their songs. I was a big fan of Hall & Oates in high school, and here's their video for "She's Gone". I'd like you to check out a few things while watching it. Check out the shoes, and the deadpan faces of both of them, and the cheezy devil that keeps doing walks across the screen. This video is bad. Really, really bad.

I'm not sure what this has to do with cellphones, but it's really cool where hitting bugs with miniature pies is concerned, it's #1.

I got a kick out of this old Anacin commercial. covers the greater Toronto area rating apartments and landords. I looked at our old neighbourhood and it's actually cheaper to live there now than it used to be. We bought a house because the rent on our one bedroom apartment was going up to 1,200 a month and was actually going to be more than a mortgage. 
Now, the same one bedroom apartment in that building is going for $945 a decade later.
I guess some landords were forced to bring their rents down when the mass exodus to the 905 started.

I've linked to this site before, but Don't Date Him Girl has grown!
They now have hundreds of cheating pricks posted on the site. Some of the stories are really of pulp fiction caliber. 
Really, type in your city and see what comes up. I burned quite some time reading about the tricks some
low rent Cassanovas get away with.

Check out Dressing the Sopranos. I found it interesting.

Tech Support in the Middle Ages made me laugh!

Back during WWII, you had to have an attack plan for VD.

Racist horses is really odd, but funny. Oh, those Brits are a lot less politically correct than we are over here.

Here's The Last Supper done in cookies and sweets.

Ok, I gotta go...The Mister has big plans today and I'm supposed to already be ready...