Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Five teenage pupils at a Thornhill public school have become the latest Toronto-area members to run afoul of school authorities on Facebook.com. And with the city currently holding the title as the most populous place in the social networking website's world, they aren't likely to be the last".

I heard one of the Dad's interviewed on talk radio this morning.
I thought that the school must have meted out some pretty serious discipline over this.
Suspension or expulsion or something.
They shouldn't be slagging anyone online using their real names, and places of work. Turns out the kids won't be able to go to Montreal with their class in June.

Boo fucking hoo.

What a middle class whine-a-thon.
Those parents need to sit down and STFU.
This is something we need to jump on the backs of school administrators for?
Gimme a fucking break.

How many kids in this city aren't going anywhere with their graduating class at the end of June, and they haven't done anything to be punished for.
Besides, I'm sure those 5 teenagers don't want to go with those hated teachers anyway.


These people should love humanity as much as they do animals.

What kills me is that I'm sure that during times of their own or a relatives ill health, they've used drugs, and procedures that were perfected on animals.

I suppose they'd prefer Hitler's methods.