Monday, April 30, 2007

What About Me?

Tonight I stopped by Uja's store for a visit.
While I was there, a couple who are old friends of Uja's and Mama's came to visit too.

The wife has for many years had health problems and I've always admired how her husband looks out for her and takes care of her. He recently has had health issues as well, and now she seems to be looking out for him.

Their eldest son and his wife recently had a child, and they were talking about it.

I wish I could have recorded their conversation, and that all of you understood Serbian.

I thought I'd die.

Here's how part of the conversation went:

Husband: "Ken yu imagine? I vent to bed mid da vife, an I voke ap mid da Baba (Grandma)

Wife: "Vad aboud me? I vent to bed mit da husband, an I voke ap mid da Deda! (Grandpa)

Husband: "Aye! Yu chase me all da vey to Swizzerlan to ketch me, an follow me all da vey to da nou turry years later yu complainink?

Wife: "Ya iz true, I chase yu to Swizzerlan..bah yu no run avey!"

"Ya yu kam to Swizzerlan an I hev det van single bed in da small room"

Wife: "Eh, it vaz ver yong en skinny!"

...and so it went on.

I wish I could have video blogged it.
I wish we all could last that long, with that much love and committment.