Monday, April 09, 2007

Gawker's Editor Lives Up to the Site's Name.

Jimmy Kimmel had a beef with Gawker Stalker, the website that posts crap that readers send in about celebrity sightings.

Apparently, the best that Editor Emily Gould could do to defend herself and the website was shake her head, and raise her eyebrows in defense. It seems that Gawker can only defend themselves after the jump. On their website.
Kind of like high school chicks in the cafeteria. You know the kind who can't say stuff to your face.
At least Kimmel
confronted the Editor with his beef. 
Emily did a poor job, even though she made a couple of valid points at the end.
All the dismissive head shaking and eye widening in disbelief wasn't nearly as convincing as a good witty comeback would have been.

You know, like the website. 

See the video on Gawker.