Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shite as Art

I wasn't going to comment on Cosimo Cavallaro and his milk chocolate Jesus entitled "My Sweet Lord"...I really wasn't...until I saw him interviewed and found out that he wastes enormous amounts of food and calls it art.

The picture to your right is his "Bed of Ham", and he's also covered an entire house with 10,000 pounds of mozzerella.
Last time I checked, mozzerella was about five bucks for a half a pound.

I find this offensive.
I don't care about his anatomically correct Jesus (that doesn't look like the conventional Jesus anyway) that was being displayed just before Easter...even though if he had done it of Mohomed, he wouldn't have made it out alive to his car the morning that it was unveiled.

What irritates me is the colossal waste of food in his "art".
I think it's obscene...especially in a country where taxpayers fund morning breakfast programs for children who don't get enough to eat.

I think its obscene that people support this garbage as art.
What's wrong Cavallaro? Aren't you resourceful enough to make it look like ham or cheese with paper mache or some other medium...or is this some sort of statement of our wasteful, and gluttonous society?

I blame rich people for this shite.