Saturday, April 28, 2007

Haven't we been told over and over again that being in the sun will give us cancer?

Now, vitamin D seems to be what protects us from cancer.

Hmmm, I always used to wonder.
If the sun was so bad for us, then why do people look so much better and feel so much better when they've been in the sun.

Gee...once again a campaign to scare the crap out of us has had to backtrack, and now say that what studies deemed dangerous, is now actually good for us.


These studies that disprove studies make me want to shout "BULLSHIT!!" whenever there's some sort of government initiative to help us improve our health, or anything else for that matter.

Eating organic?
Anyone who grows vegetables and fruits in their garden without pesticides and preservatives knows that once something is picked, it wilts rather quickly.

Lettuce picked today and put in the fridge looks like a wet rag by morning.
I cannot be convinced that because the fruit is labelled organic, is smaller, and has dirt on it that it's made the long drive to the supermarket, inspection,
and then finally onto the stand in the produce section without preservatives.

Anyone who has grown anything in their garden knows that it isn't possible.

I'm taking every single one of these campaigns with a grain of salt.