Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's this kind of thing that makes me agree with Singapore's way of dealing with criminal youth.
Because jailing them just isn't enough.

Police are putting cameras up in neighbourhoods where crime happens and people don't tell.
It's about time.
This is a good way to take the threat of retaliation away from residents who fear reporting crime.
I know that some people freak out at the thought of cameras in public places, but I don't. It may not deter crime, but it sure does help in identifying the criminals.
Besides, I don't believe privacy in public exists.
So, if there's a camera running that is rolled back and watched when a crime happens, I'm ok with that.

Canada doesn't have a sex offender registry, although we should.
I checked out the National Sex Offender Registry website in the U.S., and it can scare the shit out of you. Type in any city and see the little red and yellow dots cluster together. Then read about the offender and what they've been charged with.
If the number of offenders popping up on these maps is any indication of how many must be walking amongst us we need a registry.