Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The photo to your left is entitled "How Canadians are spoiling the Antarctic". Thanks to Stacerella for sending it to me.
So, while we're on Canadians...why not watch The Simpsons in Toronto?

This Canada Customs cartoon is one of those National Film Board of Canada gems by Richard Condie the animator famous 'round these parts for The Big Snit.
I love The NFB.

I read that Phoebe Snow's handicapped daughter passed away recently through reading this article (you have to scroll down past the Pitt/Jolie non-news).
I read that people tried to talk her into institutionalizing Valerie, and predicted she (Valerie) wouldn't live long. She lived to be 32 years old.
So, naturally since I haven't heard anything about Phoebe Snow for years, I searched her on YouTube, and the first video I clicked on was this clip of Phoebe pregnant with Valerie singing Billie Holiday's "No Regrets". Bittersweet.

A while ago, Warren Jeffs was arrested, and we celebrated.
I found this documentary that was done on him just shortly before he was caught, it's about 45 minutes long but worth watching. Was Colorado City on it's way to being another Waco or Jonestown?
I'm not sure, but this trailer for another documentary called "Banking on Heaven" about Funamentalist Mormons is kinda scary.
I dunno, some people's need to believe overrides sense.

Happy Pesach to all who's Rabbis in da Shul. I thought it was cute.

Here's a Tribute to The Jheri Curl...I found it amusing.

This grungy guy is singing Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" at the Apollo Theatre...look closely at him...I think it's Bruce Willis.

Here's a Japanese tutorial on how to pick up women. Also amusing.
While we're on's poplocking 11 year old girl.

Here is some pre revolution, Persian soul. Lovely.

Since The Mister is Guyanese, I go looking for Guyanese stuff every so often. Here's a tribute to Guyana. The Mister talks about men who used to pan for gold, and I found this clip of an oldtimer talking about "Porknocking" which is panning for gold in Guyana...and last but not least, I found this guy telling a joke about a Guyanese and Trini. Sometimes it isn't so much the joke, as how someone tells it.

So, the other day I posted about The Secret Life of Germs, making fun of all the stuff we worry about...then I found "We Are Not Alone" which is a microscopic look at what's living on and off of our skin. High on the scale of "icky".

This poor kid trying to tell his Dad something important made me laugh.

And to's Dean Martin singing my father's favourite version of "King of the Road"...and a sexy rebuttal from the chicks called "Queen of the House".

That's all.