Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How does this happen?

I know it happens more often than we know.
It boggles my mind.
What a terrible tragedy.

Experts continue to suck the fun out of life.


How many times have we heard that some study says that something is bad for us?
Then about a decade later we find out it actually isn't bad for might even be good for us.

Aaah, The Media; working hard to scare the shit out of us, every day.

Speaking of scaring the shit out of you.
Here is a documentary called "Stopping the Stalker" (in 9 parts).

The rest of the documentary is easily found on YouTube.

If you've ever had someone obsessed with you, this documentary will scare the crap out of you. I think that a lot of women can say that they've experienced low levels of stalking. The boyfriend you broke up with, or the guy you only went out with once or twice, calling and calling and calling...creepy, but nothing like this.
The chicks in this are equally scary.

"Boiling bunny" scary.