Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The picture to your right is from The Paul Kopeikin Gallery. The Photographer is Jill Greenberg. Her pictures of children crying are surreal.

Here is a really strange little video on Karen Carpenter's life acted out by Barbie and Ken. It's really bizarre. Truthfully, I didn't watch the whole thing, but maybe you can sit through it.

Don't buy stuff you can't afford. Found at Funkaoshi.

Here's a brief history of ska. I love ska. I always have.

Here is a French documentary about the legendary Inca Princess, Yma Sumac. I find these Divas fascinating. Women who until their last dying breath at 95 years of age, still get up and do the whole make up and hair thing..."Maaaaaaaaaaaxxxx, I'm ready for my close up".

Schizophrenia in prison.
Need I say more?

Dancers is very beautiful to watch.

I watched this mini documentary on racism in European soccer. It's fucking disgusting what these players have to tolerate. It's sickening to think that people actually behave in this way.
How it's allowed to continue, and these sub-humans disguised as fans aren't ejected from the stadiums is a mystery to me.

This little ditty on the public's fascination with Facebook and MySpace sites of dead people is creepy.

When I was a little girl, The Sonny & Cher Show was something I watched regularly. I saw this clip of the traditional end of the show and was shot back to my childhood for a brief moment.

Here is Michael Jackson on The Sonny & Cher Show. It's hard to imagine that he ever looked normal.

Those Australians are crazy. LOL.

How to move a one hundred year old Church. There's something funny about watching a building driving down the street.

That's it kids.