Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Bridge.

Last night I stayed up late, and watched the documentary "The Bridge".

Suicide and mental illness are taboo subjects for a lot of people.
Personally, I understand a person living with pain (physical, mental or emotional) day after day and just not being able to cope anymore.
Being too exhausted to continue living.

What amazes me is a persons courage, and desperation in jumping off of something like The Golden Gate Bridge into the Pacific Ocean, or the Bloor Viaduct onto the Don Valley Parkway.
A spectacular exit from life that shocks those taking a walk by or just admiring the bridge...or in the case of the Bloor Viaduct, taking some poor commuter shmuck with you in the process.
Believe me, before they put up the luminous veil, I always looked up to the Viaduct while driving underneath it.

If you have the courage to do that...then, surely you must have the courage to go on and live.

Kevin Hines survived his attempt to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and kill himself.
His story is so sad and touching to me.
His description of his interactions with his family, and that momentary lucidity in mental illness that allows someone who loves you to almost believe that you really are going to be ok.

Watch his interview: