Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday Click Around

Zheng Peng has some really interesting photos.
The photos kind of remind me of those little girl pageant portfolios. (found at ectoplasmosis).

More Russian Criminal Tattoos...I find them intriguing.

I find the idea of gangs in the Military interesting...because in a way, it makes sense.
Any military is really the pinnacle of gangs.

Everyone should apply The Brad Pitt rule.

Here's Kensington Market in 1976 (when it was still called "The Jewish Market") and in 2006.
Many of the shops that I remember are gone. There used to be a bakery on Baldwin that we'd go to if we were still up, and on our way home from a could get fresh kifle and bread right out of the oven at 4am.
Now, it's more "urban" and "gourmet/organic"...less "immigrant".
Does anyone remember Tigers? I loved that place.

I have a regular visitor from Ann Arbor, and he finally commented...leaving the link to his website. One thing that we're missing, and need more of is craftsmen. People who can build and create beautiful things with their hands and skill.
Check out his website. I really like the stuff he makes.

I love Wallace and Grommit...I do.
Here are some Creature Comforts. I'm not certain they're done by the same people, but it sure looks like it. Here's Countryside Code and Cats or Dogs

Glen Feron - The Art of Retouching. is an interesting thing. I often wonder about lawsuits and whether all the entries are true on these kinds of sites. So many people with an axe to grind. So much bad service.

The CBC sign off makes Canada look so beautiful.

I miss Ruth Gordon.

Someone's 20 least romantic lines in movies.

The Genovese Syndrome. Worse now than ever before?

I found this video fascinating. Everyone needs to feel beautiful, and sexy, no?

William Shatner does Rocketman. He really was one of the first Beat Poets.

Toronto Tetris. I did watch it to the end...because it isn't Toronto without the CN Tower.