Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Click Around

The other night, we rented American Gangster.

Sometimes when I watch a movie, if there is an inconsistency, or factual bugs me. In the movie, Frank Lucas is using a small calculator in 1969. That bugged me. It sent me on a search. Turns out (as usual) a lot of factual mistakes in the film.
Here are some liberal changes that the filmmakers made.

We Own the Night was another movie that irritated me. The film is set in the late 80's, but all the music seems to be from the late 70's, early 80's. Bugged though everyone watching is under 30, and wouldn't remember anyway.

Endorsing Adultery for $12 an hour. BlogTO contributer writes about her experience in a call centre for that hated agency here in Toronto.

Russian Mafia tombstones...creepay.

ShoeTube for the lovers of shoes.

How People Count Money. Very interesting thing that I've never noticed or realized until I saw this video. (via cynical-c)

Lessons in manliness from the movie The Gladiator....and Talk Like Frank Sinatra.

A collection of studio family photos...oh, yes they did.

Oddities and Treasures. Interesting.

Ok. That's all