Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kosovo za Patike (Kosovo for Running Shoes)

A few people have sent me this clip of looters in Beograd...and initially, it made me sad and angry at the same time.

A nation that has little left to lose.

The cameraman is following these people around and a one point sarcastically calls them "heroes of the demonstration" and laughs.

It saddens me that these young people who have grown up with war, and sanctions just don't give a shit, and the world is watching... giving more ammunition to the idea that Serbians are barbaric and lawless.

The person behind the camera is being congratulated by Albanians, Croats, and many others for posting it.

Mark P, from Seattle sent me this article that despite the feelings I have about the whole situation...made me laugh bitterly.

"Swap you 11 left Nikes for 11 left Reeboks," indeed.

I'd hate to be at the dinner table with those two girls and their parents.


Mind you...New Yorkers looted just because the power went out, much less reason than losing a part of your country.