Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Click Around.

The video to your left is a perfect example of some of the women I've interviewed in the past. Here is an old post of mine where I vent some of my interviewing frustrations.
10 things NOT to do in a job interview....and Dressing for a Job Interview.

From Square America: Encounters With The Other (Adventures In Amateur Ethnography)...also: African-American Snapshots & Portraits.

When I was a kid, there was lots of skipping in the schoolyard...particularly Double Dutch. I haven't seen girls skipping in the schoolyard in a pretty long time.
Now, girls imitate rap bands and girl groups in the schoolyard, teaching each other sexy dance moves, and shaking their booties like Beyonce.
It's kind of sad, actually...but apparently, Double Dutch is a competitive thing.
Here is a clip from the 1999 Double Dutch Championships....last year's Blue And White Rope Skippers a the Dutch Open....could it be an Olympic sport in 2012?

Totally Cool Way to Punk a Bunch of People...(Well...Catholics, really).

Pull Your Pants's a national movement!

Spanish for Your Nanny...because there's nothing funnier than rich white women....and Is this Black Enough For You?
(Both from Cynical-C)

The Everyman Photo Contest.

Six republics, one refrain: 'I miss Yugoslavia'. (Thanks Anna)

The Rarest Items in the World. Pretty interesting.

Nazi Photo Albums...apparently confiscated by Russians...well, at least 20 million Russians didn't die for nothing in that war.

Very cool Citroen commercial.