Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Click Around

Strange photographs?
I always like them...The Bride Wears Black has lots of them, and many are NSFW.
I just saw a chewing gum commercial where the bridesmaids were wearing some sort of dominatrix get up...Fetishy photos used to be so, not so much. (Found at Ectoplasmosis)

Hate having photos taken?
Always feel like you're not photogenic? I feel that way all the are  9 Ways to Look Good in Photos.
It seems like an incredible amount of work.

Artist Ariana Page Russell suffers from a condition called dermotographia. When Ariana’s skin is lightly scratched or irritated, hives and welts spring up in the irritated area, usually lasting around a half hour. She's uses it as an art medium with interesting results. (via  Ectoplasmosis)

Most Wanted Celebrity Hairstyles...Ok, I get it...the bob is back.

Someone's favourite Superbowl commercials.

Last week, I linked to an interview with Kevin Hines, the guy who survived his suicide attempt off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here is another clip from the documentary where a person who pulled a young girl to safety is interviewed.
I'm sorry that the clip doesn't include the photo of last look the girl gives him as the police are taking her away. There's something compelling about it. Can't tell if it's gratitude or bald anger.'s Top 49 Men, and Top 99 Women.
What I notice is that the 49 men include old guys. None of the 99 women appear to be over 35. So, the message seems to be "money and power" buys "youth and beauty". It's the double standard I hate the most. Men can be considered attractive until they drop into a grave hole...women hit the desirability wall at about 35 in the media.

Chunky Pam loves Valentine's Day.

Chaka Khan's version of My Funny Valentine.

Here are 14 Horrible Moments in Valentine History....also New Jersey Freakshows made me laugh (both via Cynical-C)

Does anyone remember Candy Girl?

Let's look back at the 90's:
C & C Music Factory, Lisa Stansfield, Sybil, Tone Loc, 3rd Base, Shabba Ranks...ok, that's enough.

I've always loved Ricky Gervais...since The Office (NOT the American version).
I've been loving Extras.
Here's a clip...the cameos with everyone from Ben Stiller to Samuel L. Jackson are great.

Ok...that's it.