Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now that I have a small TV in the kitchen, I'm seeing more crap.
This post is rather humourous, considering the current layout of my blog.

Yesterday, I watched two things that got me thinking.

I watched some hip hop performance by someone I've never heard of who could barely sing, but could dance up a storm.
I watched her performance and felt sad.
It was part "so you think you can dance", and part lap dance.
She could hardly sing and was hardly dressed.

Maybe, it's a new genre...stripper like chicks who can do more than just wiggle.

Later, I watched Girlicious, which is another one of those competition reality shows.

In this one, girls compete to be in some new Pussycat Dolls like girl group.
All the girls are between 17 and 24(ish), and ready to do anything to be famous.
A petty, backstabbing vanity aria of empty headed, pussy dolls.

The women's movement fought to give women a choice...it just saddens me to think that so many women prefer to be seen as empty headed blow up dolls, than to use their beauty along with their heads.

I know that many would like to say that women my age are "haters" and that we're just "jealous" because our "time" has passed, and I would have said that too at 23...and I did!
The thing is that I know now how cheap a woman can sell herself for, and I know the perils of not knowing your own true value.

It saddens me to see young girls leaning so heavily on their bodies and looks.

...because let's face it, beauty is but fleeting...stupid is forever.