Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Former Giller Prize winner Margaret Atwood and her husband, Graeme Gibson – author of The Bedside Book of Birds – quietly declined the food being passed.

The reason: They were protesting the Four Seasons' role in a massive resort development in Grenada that threatens an endangered species: the Grenada dove.

"Until there is a fair resolution of the dispute over the kind of resort being built in Grenada, we cannot accept food or drink from the Four Seasons," explained Gibson, who arrived at the event carrying what appeared to be a gym bag but in fact contained their meal." I the only one who finds this kinda funny?

It's hardly a hunger strike...and I notice that they didn't feel strongly enough about it to...saaaaay....oh, I don't know...not go...I mean, let's not get crazy now....Let's face is The Giller, after all...