Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things I'm Tired of:

In no particular order:

Cyber-bullying. Schoolyard bullying, Office bullying...ferfucksake, kick his ass or ignore him/her...but stop your bitching n' whingin'.

Is there one road in this city that isn't dug up?

STFU already.

The Smoking Debate.
I don't smoke in my car, or during the day, and people shouldn't smoke in an enclosed space with children...but the government needs to stay out of my house and car. Unless they're going to pay my mortgage and car insurance/payments they have no right to tell me what I can do or not do in either.

Maybe this is the way it's supposed to be.
Maybe we're supposed to annihilate ourselves...like so many civilizations before us. But I'm tired of listening to bike ridin', Birkenstock wearin' turbo environmentalists trying to scare the shit out of everyone every five minutes.
What I would prefer is that they engage in a little use of organic soap and water more often.

Organic Food
I cannot be convinced that organic food is better than regular 6 times cheaper food is.
Just because it has dirt on it, is more expensive and is smaller than regular food, doesn't convince me that it's better.

Frightening E-mails.
If I get one more e-mail about "Raspberry Flavoured Meth" threatening our kids, or "New Car Jacking Methods", or "Perfume Bandits" who will knock you unconscious in the mall parking lot during Christmas shopping...I'm going to lose it. I can't even be bothered to link back to Snopes.com anymore.

The word "Holiday" instead of Christmas.
If I can say Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzza, E'id...then I can say Christmas.
White Politicians who pander to the "ethnic" vote, and paid Multicultural alarmists ...Shut. UP. about this already.

That's all for now...