Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Click Around.

I found these pictures of African Punk/Skinhead Fashion by Clayton James fascinating.

Again with the People Magazine Sexiest Men Alive are 100 Sexy Men in 1 Minute.

I commented on Amy Winehouse's very public decline, and Funkaoshi posted Amy Winehouse and the Ethics of Clowning People. He makes a good point.

I've always had a fascination with true crime stories, and particularly women who commit crimes. Here is a site called Bad Girls Do It. It gives info and biographies on infamous females. That's some scary shit. Our Karla is representin'.

12 Products from Hell. Looking at the products is a "what the hell?" moment.

Beer commercials are funny.

The daughter of the real life "American Gangster" has come out of the woodwork, and done an interview.
Here's part one of six of a documentary on The American Gangster. The rest of the parts are easily found on YouTube.

This brilliant little animation from Amnesty International uses a lovely Serbian? Bosnian? Croatian? (what's the difference?)tune. Thanks Piika.

I watched the movie "Snowcake" last night. It was brilliant. I loved it. Here's the trailer.

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians...need I say more?

Paul Mooney weighs in on Oprah. While we're on are 11 Oprah Blunders from 2007.
Her comment, "This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life" in response to the allegations in connection with her African girl's school rang so false, that I actually laughed when I heard her say it. It confirms to me how out of touch with the real world she actually is.

Remember ZeFrank's Pre-Date Confidence Booster? It's still great.

The World's Creepiest Places.

...and now the Comedy:
Yesterday's post on "Misery's West Indian Restaurant" sent me on a search for West Indian Comedy. Here is the list:

David Samaroo Trinidadian Stand Up Comedian.

A Sister's Guide to Crappy Excuses.

Auntie and Hyacinth.

The Whining Dog.

Mr. Frasier, and Mr. Frasier and video dating.

Trinidadian Carnival Stand Up.


That's all.