Monday, November 12, 2007

I Hate Performance Art

This is called the Break Up, because it's supposed to show the different emotional stages she went through after a break up.

I challenge you to sit through the entire thing without the urge to click your mouse.
I'll be honest with you. I just find most of performance art flaky.
I touched on this yesterday in my Click Around

Sure, you can argue that performance art is supposed to stimulate you visually, and either entertain or shock you. But, I have to say that there have been few installments of performance art that have impressed me.

I think that a lot of what is out there is not very profound or interesting.
Much of it appears to be attention whoring, and an attempt to convince people that if they don't understand it, they are shallow and/or unintelligent.

I think that if we're creative enough, we can make social commentary out of everything.
We can all read all sorts of things into the acts and words of other people.
I think it's called being "neurotic".

Here...I'll give you an example.
I'll take a simple YouTube clip, and read into it as performance art:

It articulates the frustration of female youth. The innocence. The boredom....looking back at you, the viewer. This is a young women silenced by media influences in our society and lives in intimate association with her opressors....but all this girl, (future woman/mother/sister/daughter/grandmother) wants...the real thing she wants is "World Peace".

I can bullshit you too...and I'll do it for free.