Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Click Around.

Sorry people...I spent the weekend with a bunch of girlfriends, and was recovering yesterday.
What do you get when you cross 9 women in a suite at The Royal York with booze, music, and 3 hours sleep?
A gigantic hangover, that's what...So, here's the Monday Click Around.

The picture to your left is "Disaster in Littletown".
I love those littletown pictures.

Have an "Art Break" with that guy on PBS...remember him? THH22M has done a number of parodies...but these two are pretty good. Number 1, and Number 2.

Having trouble finding a babysitter? The Home Purchasing Club, has the answer!

Here are The Beatles in Yiddish, and Yiddish Hillbillies from Bob From Brockley.

Don't you totally wish you could charge someone for being an "asshole"?

How much money can one person have...No. Seriously. There should be a cap on wealth.
Once you go over a certain amount, you should have to share the rest with the starving of the world. That kind of wealth is obscene.

I can't figure out if this is for real, or staged.
But, I'll tell you what...there are plenty of people going to work every day who are teetering on the edge of insanity. Just one push, and they're gone for monitored stay at the "Mental Health Centre".

Rotten Neighbors is a website where you can read about particular areas or streets in limited cities and see what it's like before you decide to live there. Like any other site that depends on anonymous postings, "rating"'s all perspective, and some people are grinding, taking things with a grain of's still interesting to read what people are pissed off about.

This is one of my favourite Rick Mercer rants. Enjoy.

That's all kids