Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Click Around

Cynical-C sent me an e-mail with "Yoko is Loco" in the subject line. The link to Yoko's "Cut One Piece" performance art was in it. I'll be honest with you. I'm not a big fan of performance art. I dunno. I just find most of it flaky. I love the comments on "Cut One Piece".
There are two camps it seems: Either you're a pretentious flake, or you're an idiot who isn't pretentiously flaky enough to get it.
One commenter explains it to us idiots:

"its about feminism, like the position of women in the society, always like within submission, and just beeng an object, an people (men) doing whatever they want with her (and you actually can see that)..." [sic]

Or it's a bunch of strangers cutting your clothes off.

This person mentions Marina Abramovic, so I went on a little looksee for her. Here is "Rhythm - 10". I dunno. You tell me. Looking at other installments from Abramovic, I did like her storytelling, but the rest...meh.

All the Right Movies is an 80's movie quiz. Where the hell was I? I don't remember any of these movies.

Andrea Dezco does embroidery of her mother's sayings. I think Andrea might be my aunt. Found on one of Miss Cellania's sites.

Magazines and newspapers have been tampering with photos since the first photo was taken. Here is a list of some of the most famous tampered with photos.

Here are some pretty amazing photos of Hawaiian Volcanos.

I don't really "get" bumper stickers or vanity plates. I was pissed last year when I was told that if I wanted to keep my current license plate number (the front plate is old and beaten, but it took me years to remember it) it would be considered a vanity plate and cost me $200 to replace. So, I found out that it cost $200 to put some stupidness on your plate. What a waste of money. License to Rant rants about vanity plates.

I lovelovelove the Persian accent. I could listen to the accent all day long. Here's Maz Jobrani an Iranian/American comedian. I've linked to Maz Jobrani before when I did a Click Around of "ethnic comedians" and in this clip, I notice that he's picked up some of Russell Peters mannerisms. Ron Josol is pretty funny too, in case you're interested.

Here is some more celebrity plastic surgery. I was particularly shocked at how much prettier Posh Beckham was before surgery. L'il Kim is particularly frightening. It just goes to show you that we're generally not satisfied with ourselves...and plastic surgery doesn't help.

Robert Bruno: Architectural Sculptor.

Sri Lankan Flavaa! I love these cultural this beloved Serbian banbo remix.

Chicago suburb installs new stop signs. Cute, but fiscally responsible? Not so much.

Someone from Singular Films noticed that I've got a love on for retro, and sent me some links. Here are vintage cigarette ads using movie stars, and some vintage underwear ads.

When I read about this woman, I felt sorry for her.
How do you even explain that to people?
When people tell me that they like to sneeze...I think about my sneezing fits.
One sneeze, ok. 40 sneezes in 10 minutes, not so much.

Ok kids, that's it.