Friday, November 23, 2007

Last night, The Mister and me dressed to the nines went to the CFL Awards hosted by Dan Ackroyd.
See that picture in the link?
I was standing inside the foyer, shivering every time the door opened, waiting for The Mister to bring the car around.

There was a wonderful tribute to John Candy (he was a part owner of the Toronto Argos when he died) during the awards, and his daughter Jennifer Candy participated in a number of comedy skits throughout the ceremonies.

What an interesting array of people...lots of tall men in suits, cowboy boots, and  Stetsons...and they weren't being ironic.

Anyhow, it just reminded me how much I miss John Candy's comedy.

Here are some of my favourite characters:


Orson Welles

The Schmenge Brothers

Uncle Buck (My fav. Candy film)

Julia Child