Monday, November 19, 2007

So, while I've hedged back and forth on Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty", because while I like the whole idea, I just felt that it was just another advertising angle with a feel good twist.

I flipped and flopped on it.
Insincere advertising/just pleased to see real people with a positive message.
Condescending slogans/happy to see women over 30 in ads.

Then I read this:

While one can argue that Unilever is a huge company with many different brands, and departments that run independent of one another, it's just a little hard to swallow that a company that is now pushing this with one hand:

Is pushing this with the other:

...and while it can be argued that consumers are big people (for the most part) and understand the rules of commerce...It's still just a little sick making.

Pot meet Kettle, indeed.