Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The video to your left is about John Bramblitt, who is blind due to an epileptic seizure...and paints from the memory he has of colour. He's pretty amazing, and it's easy to want to believe that it isn't possible.

Here are some classic optical illusions. I still can't see the "I love Paris in the springtime". If you can, please tell me what it's supposed to say.
Check out this other kind of illusion.

Alfred Hitchcock's cure from insomnia. Anyone who has ever had a bout of insomnia that has lasted more than a couple of nights has considered this. (Thanks Chris)

Here is an amazing way to close any bag without a clip.

I dare you to watch The African Children's Choir, and not smile.

Ok...please explain to me how this isn't an elaborate, self-deceiving justification to participate in sexual abnormalities...and still consider yourself a Christian....

Coolest business cards. Some of them are pretty cool.

Husband disappeared, taking lottery jackpot with him. The Mister and me joke about this all the time, but it's pretty ugly when it actually happens.

This phone call/discussion from The Ellen Show made me laugh.

I've been to Bloorview MacMillan as an observer. It truly is an amazing place. It's good to see it being covered with the respect it deserves in mainstream media.

Miss Landmine is a strange and powerful statement.

How many versions of "Stairway to Heaven" can you listen to?

100 Self-Help Books you can live without. (I loved this)

A Jamaican/Jewish wedding.

The other night, I caught The Tyra Banks Show, quite by accident. I can't believe that people actually watch this show. She's ridiculous...and an airhead of the first order...never mind...that's why they/I watched her.

This is quite the speed bump.

Ok...that's it.