Friday, January 11, 2008

How to swaddle your baby without paying 40 bucks.

Babies generally like to be wrapped tight...dunno, must be that whole 9monthsinthewomb thing.

I saw this special, amazing miracle blanket on sale for $39.95...and thought about how many people will be convinced that this is some sort of exceptional thing that can only be done with a super duper $40 blanket.
I suppose every company that makes something for kids is looking for the same success that diaper companies have had convincing people that their kids need to be in them for as long as possible.

People who have bought diaper companies bullshit about "pull-ups" kill me.
It's the discomfort of the wet that gets them toilet trained...if you make it comfortable for kids to sit in their own mess, they will.
The job of the company is to keep your kid in diapers for as long as possible.

I guess what I'm on about is the inability of so many people to use common sense.
That's what I'm really on about.