Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picture Meme - From Glacia.

1) Age you will be on your next birthday:

2) Place you would like to visit:

3) One of your favourite places:

4) Your favourite object:

Because I'm a bit crazy/obsessive about having it with me.

5) Your favourite food:

I love me some Burek with plain yogurt.

6) Your favourite animal:

Because they're so funny looking

7) Your favourite colour:

8) Name of a past pet :

A hundred years ago, a white cat named Gustav

9) Where you live:

10) First teacher’s last name:

Mrs. White

11) A bad habit of yours

13) Your favourite flower:

14) Your favourite holiday:
Because it marks the end of winter for me...Victoria Day Weekend is when the summer clothes come out and the winter clothes get packed.

I'm not going to tag anyone...but if you want to do it...tell me you did.