Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I. Am. So. Out of it.

I'm back to work today, and don't even know where to begin to catch the momentum I had before I left.

The holidays were filled with hosting various soirees with little time for anything other than alternating between hors d'oeuvre preparation, cooking and cleaning.

On New Year's Eve...(our last fĂȘte), I announced in a drunken slur, "I'm doing fuck ALL next year...Next year, I'm a Gat.damn guest!"

I have a question.
If you're invited to someones house for a party, do you think it's fine if you bring guests without asking your hosts if it's o.k.?

We had a situation on New Year's Eve when some acquaintances we invited brought with them two women who had the manners, and couth of crack whores.

Seriously, I was half a glass of wine from covering their entire faces with my hand and pushing them backwards out my front door one after the other.

If close friends or family do this...all are welcome (within reason)...when people we don't know well do it, I'm not o.k. with it.