Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Click Around

I love a funny face.
Here is someones "best face of 2007" compilation.

I'm not much of a Disney fan, and I never have been...Here is "8 Fairy Tales and Their Not So Happy Endings".
It's missing Beauty and the Beast, which is the one that pissed me off the most. In the original,
the beast doesn't change into a handsome prince...he remains the beast, and she loves him anyway...kind of the whole effin' point of the story.

These 1950's scenes done in packing tape by Mark Khaisman are pretty amazing (found at ectoplasmosis).

I'm a big fan of Googie architecture. I don't know why I like the Jetson's like 1950's style. Perhaps it was the high hopes of the people of the era. I mean, we were supposed to be zipping around in our own personal pods by now. Like the Jetsons.
Speaking of The Jetsons... EEP, OPP, ORK AH-AH.
Googie Architecture Online has some great photos of the style...and just for good measure, here's another site too.

When I saw the pictures of this woman's wedding cake, I almost spit out my coffee.
Firstly, it's the most hideous cake I've ever seen. Secondly, I'm not sure the bride has a big enough ego. (found at Cynical-C).

Jacob Lawrence’s “Migration of the Negro” paintings at the Triple Candie gallery in Harlem. I really, really like them.

Layers of Voyeurism is interesting to see and listen to.

25 Years of the Brown Sisters is a chronological timeline of four sisters in photographs. One thing is consistent...that one pissed off sister.

The 10 Golden Rules of Sales.

What is with European men and the speedo?....let it go already!

The return of funny wedding photos. Amusing.

Some bathroom stall graffiti is hilarious, and some profound. Here is "The Writings on the Stall", a compilation of bathroom wisdom sent in by readers.

I don't, and never did find Sting sexy. The idea that he and his wife participated in swinging and tantric sex is a visual I do not need.

That's all.

Oh, and photos of the Gay Pride Parade in Madrid.