Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunday Click Around

The photo is from a collection of Richard Avedon's photo sessions in
which Marilyn Monroe as model portrays the images of silent screen stars
It's interesting to know that Marilyn fluctuated between a size 14 and 16, which by today's standards is "fat". Avedon's photos have always attracted me.
I love black and white photos and so did he. Here is what you get if you google "Avedon" images.

While we're on photographers, burn some time on the Masters of Photography series on YouTube.

SCTV was way ahead of it's time in taking the piss out of Russians.

Yesterday's Faces Today is a collection of "Where are they now?" photos.

Last weekend, there was a Tennessee Williams Festival on some channel, and I was in heaven.
I lovelovelove the sordid plots of a TW play or film.
Here is Teddi King, a Boston vocalist doing a satirical tune called Tennessee Williams Blues. I love those old '50's and '60's bar scenes. It reminds me of all those old photos of my parents partying it up with friends in clubs and at friends houses.

Celebrity Money Pictures. (found at Neatorama)

Overheard in New York is always a good read for people with a short attention span.

You know you have too much money when you shop at a place like this.
Listen, I don't begrudge people's love for their just burns me when they eat better than a large portion of this city's children.

Celebrity Mouth Eyes pictures is creepy. (via I'm Learning to Share)

How Dry Cleaning Works. Wonder no, find out what the hell "Martinizing" is.

Take this test and find out if you're a good candidate for a stroke. Yeah...I'm all laughs.

The mixture of Asian cultures in this game is a little disturbing, but the concept is cute.

Find out what your name means...even if it isn't of British/Scottish/Irish origin.

Video beauty tips from

Herman Munster, Beatnik poet.

Antonio Riello's Ladies Weapons. Stylin' for your drive by.

Dr. John Breeding, professor, author and Ph.D. psychologist discusses ADHD. I've noticed an incredible increase in cases of ADHD in the past decade. Are all children who have been diagnosed actually suffering from the disorder? Or are they just active kids, and the legal drug business is big business? I dunno. I'm not all that comfortable with medicating children unless you absolutely have to. It's an interesting video, if you are interested in the subject, and can sit through it.
There's nothing entertaining about it.
Just the Doctor, talking.

A Year of Evenings is pretty. Stephanie and Mav live 3191 miles apart. They take pictures at the same time every evening and post them side by side. (Thanks Funkaoshi)

That's all.