Monday, May 29, 2006

The Better Way is to Drive.

Every time I consider public transportation as a possible option...and I was thinking about it again with all the talk about amalgamating transit systems.
It has crossed my mind again as a "maybe", once or twice a week.
Either way, every time I consider it, something like this happens.

Now, I'm not adverse to people wanting to better their pay, and work conditions legally. When their contract is up...but this illegal strike shit is just thuggery.
The partiality for these tactics are the reason that I'm not fond of unions anymore.

I listened to one maintenance worker this morning talking about being attacked on the job...I was like WTF? Wasn't your issue supposed to be hours and conditions of work?
Who's attacking you, dude?
Are there tunnel thugs lurking around corners waiting for maintenance workers?
I thought that was an Operator issue, and your union boss claims that this wildcat strike has nothing to do with the Operators of the vehicles... the union claiming that they were locked out is just ludicrous.

Lie, lie, union lie.

Last week that Kinnear character was broadcasting that his members were not going to challenge riders if they refused to pay...way to put your members in a dangerous position, and to adversely affect a transit system that is already having financial challenges with decreased ridership, and assholes who sneak onto or confront drivers over fares.

Good job Kinnear.
You're really endearing your members to the general public.
I don't even take the transit and I'm pissed about it.
Most of us can only wish to have your members job security, and pay.
I don't say that Operators aren't worth it, because you certainly couldn't pay me enough to operate a bus or streetcar in certain neighbourhoods of this city...but for the education requirement, they're paid pretty damn well.
Unfortunately, it comes with the possibility of harm, as any job dealing directly with the public does.

Cab Drivers, Pizza Delivery guys, Convenience Store Clerks....all at risk because they work closely with the public...none of which enjoy the benefits or pay rate of the TTC worker.

This is not the work of the members...this is the glut of their union.
Sometimes you just have to create issues to justify your existence.
But, if your going to do that Mr. Kinnear...get your lies straight.

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