Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Click Around

What a Beautiful World is a bunch of pictures of beautiful things.
Ever stumped about what to get the witch in your life? Witchy World has reasonably priced gift baskets.

Nevashut is a hilarious little game where your compliments can go far.

Mail a bullet can help you with your frustrations.
Send a bullet and a message to someone you hate. But you have to be up front about it. Unlike that voodoo doll site that used to be around, it won't allow anonymous messages (excellent).

Unusual album cover art is an interesting site. Scrolling down, I saw album covers that would never in a million years be acceptable today (thank goodness).

Handspeak is an interesting site on American Sign Language. I find sign language both fascinating and beautiful. When I see people signing, I have to stop myself from staring, because I know that it's rude...but I find the combination of hand movements, and facial expression captivating.

I burned a lot of time on Tricks of the Trade.
People submit shortcuts and wisdom from experience and trade. There are some great little tips on that site.

Know someone with a monobrow? Here's a site dedicated to the monobrow in the spirit of Mullets Galore. Good for a laugh or two, or three.

Last week, Cynical-C posted the link to The Saddest Thing I Own. I've found it as compelling as Post Secret in it's heart breaking stories accompanied by pictures.
I am now officially addicted to it.

Here's a little memory challenge. I did pretty well with it.
How about you?