Tuesday, May 23, 2006

'Children of war' dance

I read this article this morning on the efforts of Rade & Rada Micic in raising $30,000 in order to bring 20 Kosovo teenagers to Toronto to perform.

I met Rada Micic quite by accident, and she has been diligent about working for and with the Serbian community.
I get e-mails from her regularly letting me know what is being performed, for what causes.
She initially was involved with helping Serbian mothers searching for their lost sons after and during the Balkan wars, and I guess one thing leads to another, and she and her husband have been working to bring these underprivileged children to see another world.

These teenagers... who have lived their entire lives in disaster, and war...to let them see that there is a whole world out there. That it's not hopeless...

I'm so happy to see The Toronto Star reporting on something positive to do with the Serbian community for a change.

As for Rade & Rada Micic...congratulations and thank you for being wonderful human beings.