Thursday, May 18, 2006

Carnival of the Chavs

I think that every culture has a word for money with no class.
I like the term "Chav".
The New York Times describe this British term like so:

"Chavs, whether rich or poor, tend to favor gaudy jewelry and expensive-but-tacky clothes with big logos and to behave in a way that others find coarse or obnoxious.

Male chavs wear tracksuits and baseball caps; female chavs pull their hair tightly back in buns or ponytails, a style known as a "council house facelift," from the term for public housing."

I think that we see a lot of celebrity chav behaviour.
I mean, let's face it...many people who become lucky enough to strike it rich, either by the lottery of life, or by lottery ticket blow the money out their asses rather recklessly.
Take 50 Cent and his chrome Lamborghini Murcielago, or Kimora Lee Simmons $3,000 a bottle Cristal foot bath.

Diddy's ridiculously pretentious parties, with strictly enforced themes and Diddy seated on a throne wearing a crown, lookin' like the Burger King.
Lindsey Lohan, and her midnight demands for scratch lottery tickets and spending sprees, to arrogant celebs demanding that shops open for them at a moments notice, clearing restaurants for themselves, and demanding that no servant like entity make eye contact with them.

In this article "How Celebrities Go Bankrupt",

"One Hollywood financial advisor, Scott Feinstein, told the New York Times about a call he received from a client in his mid-twenties who wanted to buy a $35,000 watch. "I said ‘What time does it say?' and he said, ‘Ten minutes after 3.'" Feinstein recalled. "I told him, ‘Mine says 10 after 3 too, and it cost me 60 bucks. Put the watch down.'""

Sometimes money makes people stupidy.
And people who come into money through luck and a bit of talent are sometimes the stupidest.

I mean why waste that money on a reading program in your old neighbourhood, or build a community centre, or feed the homeless...why bother with that shit when you can pimp your Es-ca-lade with Lamborghini doors?
Why fund a seniors residence or orphanage when you can build canals in your house for a party, or wipe your ass with Egyptian cotton?

They're not socially responsible for anything.
That's right. They're not...but burning cash like that is an insult to all of us.

I mean, priorities are priorities and it's a persons prerogative if they want to blow money out their ass until they're broke and out of the limelight.
When Celebrity Chav is paid out and played out, and their"entourages" and "crews" abandon them for someone who can afford to have them follow them around telling them that they're marvelous...
Then Celebrity Chav can join one of those hasbeen bands and tour no name lounges in Lefttesticle, Alberta, or do bit parts in sitcoms and bad series shows, like Surreal Life, or Celebrity Survivor.
Trying to make their comeback, ala Bobby Brown.

Then it'll be too late baby.
You're back to being the other kind of chav.