Friday, May 19, 2006

Perilous Pedestrians & Dumb Drivers

Yesterday, I was making a left turn on an amber light.
Suddenly, a pedestrian casually starts to cross the road at the last minute.
I saw her, but she didn't see me.
When she did, I was stopped, and my grill was in line with her hip. She looked like she was going to have a stroke. She made a little jump, and started running across the street.

I laughed.

Out loud, and she saw me, and shot me a dirty look.
But, I shouldn't have to be the only one paying attention to whats going on around me.
What's even more humourous... while I'm blogging about how stupid she is, for just casually sauntering out on an amber light, like she's going for a park stroll. Confident in her right of way, without so much as a mild concern for her own personal safety.
I'm sure that over her dinner table last night, a story was told of how a fucking crazy bitch in a Saturn tried to run her over.

So, off I went on my merry way...

Have you ever been driving and looked in your rearview to see someone gaining on you with excessive speed?
Someone bringing up the rear at such a speed, that you're afraid they won't be able to slow down or change lanes in time?
I had this asshole in a Z24 with apparently no muffler do this to me last evening.
He passed me (thank God), and I tried to look at him as he was passing.
I couldn't since his baseball cap was over his eyes and his seat was so far back that he looked like he was lying down. It was a wonder that he could see over the dash.
But, he looked cool.
Anyhow, my main objective at this point was to get away from him...because I thought: "This guy's an accident just waiting to happen".
I changed lanes (guys like him prefer the two far left lanes to dart in and out of), and kept driving.
About ten minutes or so later, traffic grinds to a halt.
It takes about twenty minutes to get to the problem.
Guess whose front end is jammed up a Honda's ass?

He wasn't looking so cool fact he looked like the scared 19 year old he is.