Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Click Around

3D Artist has some really interesting 3D art. Computer images that are really interesting to look at.
Carnival of the Photographers...
Miles Aldridge is a photographer. The website is a little irritating to navigate, but the photographs are worth looking at.
Urchin Rock is a collection of the work of underwater photographers. There's something about the way the body looks underwater that makes the images somewhat surreal.
Erwin Olaf a photgrapher from the Netherlands has images that are dark and a little bizarre, but very compelling. Rachel Papo is a photgrapher who has a whole series on female Isreali soldiers. There's something about women in that role that is fascinating to me.

Moving away from Photographers, Nicole Farzone does some of her art on an Etch-a-sketch which is pretty impressive to me... since I could never even get a circle made with the little knobs. Do they still sell them? If they don't, they should be revived.
Eh, maybe's not immediate enough to entertain todays children.

On Asia, I found this page about herbs and old wives tales. I find this stuff fascinating. Especially since I've got an aunt who still heavily believes in them.

I get a lot of hits from people looking for stuff on Serbian weddings, and Serbian love phrases..I'm so sorry to disappoint those Googlers. But, on occasion I follow a search back and find something interesting. On one such follow, I found this little story on Migration Heritage Centre focusing on Ruza & Bozidor and their recollections of a traditional Serbian wedding back in 1956.
The Metrosexual Tarot Card Set is friggen hilarious. I'm not particularly fond of the Metrosexual trend. While I like men groomed, I don't like them hyper-groomed over the line to female.

This is true is a site dedicated to unbelievable true stories. I burned a long time reading how ridiculous people are.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

Massive Corporation is a good laugh. If you've ever worked in a corporate environment, you'll find this site amusing.

Lileks has a whole section on Postcards from Motels. Remember when every motel had free picture postcards in their rooms? Someone is collecting them, and they're great. I've written about the disappearance of the motels from the 1950's and 1960's. It's nice to know that someone is collecting old pictures of that unique architecture.

And, last but not honour of the DaVinci hype...20 things you didn't know about Leonardo DaVinci.

See you later...