Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's the Little Things...

The Mister parked in front of a convenience store for me to quickly run in for something.
When he pulled up in front, there were two five or six year old, skinny, knobby knee'd boys standing in front.
One had a long tube of gumballs, some of which he was chewing, while holding the tube away from what looked like his younger brother.
His little brothers arms were folded and he looked upset.

When I got out of the car, I said to the gum withholder, "You're not sharing with him? I'm sure that he'd share with you.." and went into the store.
While in there, I could see through the front door, that the gum dispute was still raging. On a whim, I bought a big know, the kind with the gum in the center...and on my way out the door gave it to the gum deprived kid.
"Ok, now?" I asked.
First he looked at me suspiciously, then I guess the light went on realizing that I had just bought it from the store, he took it and smiled.
"Thank you" he shouted as I got into the car.

As we drove away, I could see him waving the sucker in his brothers face and dancing.
"He's happy now..." says The Mister.