Friday, February 27, 2004

Let me ask you a question.

Are you a grownup?
When I ask that, I mean do you take your life and all that is in it seriously?
Would you do something that would hurt the people you love if they found out?
Would you take that chance?

Many of us are confronted with opportunities to do things that our more base instincts would enjoy, but as adults we should be able to control those base wants.
Some people justify their actions by blaming others and not taking responsibility for their own choices.
“If (insert name/relationship) was different, then I wouldn’t have had to do that”.

Truth is, this is the way children think.
Real grownups take their lives and the people in their lives seriously.

It’s true that one action can change your life forever.
One event can show someone what you are capable of and change that person’s view of you for the rest of time.

When confronted with the opportunity to feed that base whim, do you fight temptation?
Or are you swayed by your childish justifications and vindictiveness?
Do you think about the people your actions affect?
Or is the main thing of importance to you your own satisfaction?

A person can justify just about anything in their own mind if they really want to do something.
For every pro argument, there is a con argument.

See, I’m what you call uptight, and uncool.

I think about the people I love, and I care what they think of me.
God made me a terrible liar to help me stay straight, and I am thankful for that.
I am a list maker by nature, and I have my priorities in order of importance on my Life List.

I was recently called judgmental.
Thank me if you see me as judgmental.
It’s us judgmental people who afford non-judgmental people the luxury of being so without the world falling into a shit hole of chaos.

I am a judgmental adult.
I embrace it.
I try my best to live by that higher standard.

If I fall, judge me...because I deserve it.
But, I'll probably be harder on myself than you will.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

[ Sat Aug 09, 2003 repost ]
I Vant to be Alone

I vant to be lyink on da chaise longue, an smoke da cigarettes.
I vant to boz mai manservant aroun an mek him bring me da bon bons, an bekaz I am lyink down...I vill vear dis shoes.
I vanna ver da silk kimono, mit mai hair an mekap to be perfekt.

I don vanna go to da Valmart, an da grocery stor.
I don vanna clean da hous, an kook da dinne.
I don vanna run yu say.....errands.
I vanna hev, how yu say...."peopl" to do dis for me.

I vanna say "fack aff, responsibilities!", "Kiss mai ess, obligatshons! Go avay! Leave me alon!"

I vanna bi like Greta an Marlena touday.