Saturday, February 28, 2009

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

In The Know: Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?

Those telemarketers wasting the minutes on my cell phone are really starting to piss me off.

It started with one per week, and now we're up to two a day.

I'm assuming that they're cold calling random's highly annoying.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Photoshop Distaste Photoshop Disasters points out that Annie Leibovtiz forgot to "sleeve it out" when she merged the two photos.

Do you care?

I mean, other than if you're a professional....big deal.

..I always assume that every picture in every publication is shopped.
Hollywood is a different dimension, and the people we see in magazines are not real.

I think it's the general publics' inability to grasp this fact that is contributing to the low tolerance of imperfection in society in general, and low self-esteem in both men and women.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ikea Housewarming Party

About 30-40 people showed up to one of the living room/kitchen sets at the Ikea in Burbank, bringing gifts (mostly things from other departments at the store). Many people brought cookies and snacks, and games like Jenga. The party was cut off after about twenty minutes by the Ikea staff, at which point Agent Tuttle, the “host” of the party, yelled out that it looks like we’re being too loud and that “the neighbors called the cops”.

I know a lot of people find this kind of thing amusing, and hilarious.

I find it kinda stupid.

It's the sort of thing we used to do in high know...go down to Union Station and follow people around with newspapers in front of us with holes cut out for eyes, or sticking people in the ass with pins on the crowded midway at the Ex (true, actually done stupidness, when we didn't know any better, and thought we were funny...and grew up right downtown with no organized sports and nothing to do).

But, these are adults.

I feel sorry for the Ikea staff who have to deal with it, and clean up after it.
As if they don't have enough shit to deal with.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kim Jong Il Eharmony

(I hate those e-harmony commercials)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Every day, children who come to the clinic write their names on sheets of paper and tape them to the windows of the walkway for ironworkers to see. And, every day, the ironworkers paint the names onto I-beams and hoist them into place as they add floors to the new 14-story Yawkey Center for Cancer Care."

(Found at Aloha Nico)

"It's no wonder they likely find Canada so welcoming. It has an accessible language, diverse culture and low levels of government corruption, says Patricia Linderman, editor of Tales from a Small Planet, an online newsletter for expats."

I once volunteered for a program designed to "adopt" a family new to Canada.

The idea was to be paired up with a family new to the country and help them to learn simple things like how to do their banking, or direct them to them with forms and so on.

At the time, they had more volunteers than families, so I never got to do that.
I guess that says a lot in itself.

Jam and Almond Drizzled Shortbread

at Papamo.

Lovin' this CD right now.

"The 56-year-old Wilson, best known as the lead vocalist of the Gap Band in the 1970s and 1980s, is currently in remission for prostate cancer after being diagnosed last fall and treated with radiation implants. His illness didn't seem to affect the sound of his exceptional new album - he sounds better than ever."

It's got a bit of an old school feel...I like his cover of Player's "Baby, Come Back", but the whole CD is worth a listen.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Spadina Bus - Shuffle Demons

No Spadina bus know what I remember about a ride on the Spadina bus?
Bags of raw fish and old Asian ladies spitting.

While we're in this era, let's remember The Parachute Club.
Whatever happened to Lorraine Segato?

Want to buy a palace in Montenegro?

I'm going to ask my cousins to go in on it with me.

It's not as "rustic" as I'd like,, whatever.

Competition for Ken Lee

Ken Lee:

What would you do?

What if some co-workers confided in you by telling you that they were planning to do something that would negatively affect the workplace...would you tell your boss?

...or would you keep their confidence, and allow it to happen, making your job more difficult, and putting your clients at risk.

"Union Station is sufficiently important to suburban voters that it will likely receive the promised support - if not in the form the city expects or prefers. But nothing is easy - or even sensible - in a world where free parking is called public transit."

The fact of the matter is that something has to be done to relieve some of the traffic pressure...and since there isn't a feasible plan to amalgamate transit systems, and the transit plans are going to take 25 years (translation: 100 years)....

What kills me is that no tiny minded municipality wants to share transit. No one wants to work together to make transit available and affordable. Everyone only cares about their little patch of grass.
Unions wouldn't allow it to happen, Mayors of surrounding suburbs won't allow it to happen, Miller thinks that making it harder to get into and around the city is the answer.

Anyone commuting into the city in the morning can see the bumper to bumper traffic going in the other direction as well. People talk as though the only problem is drivers coming into the city. The fact of the matter is that a large number of Torontonians work out of town as well.

Let's do the tolls going into the city, and see how quickly Hazel McCallion imposes a toll to get into Mississauga, and then watch other Mayors do the same.

There should have been non-stop building of public transit. It should never have stopped from the first breaking of ground in the late 1950's.

Petty, provincial mindedness is why we aren't going to have workable public transit any time, more parking lots it is.

(Article found at Funkaoshi)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't have a microwave to make popcorn?
...use a few cellphones:

12 Celebrity Eyebrow Makeovers

(Click on image to see the rest)

It's astonishing what a difference the right eyebrow shape is.
About six months ago, I couldn't get the woman who usually does my brows and had to settle for some bitch who doesn't understand "NOT TOO THIN".
I'm still recovering, since not only did she do them thin, but she did the left one thinner.

I've spent the last 6 months trying to grow them back right.
An eyebrow pencil helps.

Monday, February 16, 2009

In Serbian, there's a phrase that goes:

"They're yours, even if they're covered in shit".

Referring to being not being able deny your children.

...and I was feelin' grandma until she made her last statement, but then maybe she was being cryptically ironic.

Click here to watch the video.

George Eastman House's Photo Stream on Flickr

With the works of Nickolas Muray.

Muray was a pilot, a member of the
US Olympic fencing team, and the long-time lover of Frida Kahlo, whom he regularly photographed in some of his best-known work. He was a distinguished art collector, best known for his collection of twentieth-century Mexican paintings, and a regular columnist for the magazine Dance.

and James Jowers name a couple of Photographers

Lev Grossman gives us 10 reasons why Facebook is for old fogies.

Grossman declares that it's cooler not to be on Facebook.
I'm sure it is.

I've only got a couple of things to say about that:

1. Not being on Facebook will save you from having your prospective employer see drunken pictures of you sucking on a bong, or pictures of you reclining in cheesy lingerie in a messy bedroom.

2. Marketing companies will sorely miss the demographic that loves those stupid quizzes, but reveal valuable purchasing preferences.

I've been off Facebook for awhile now.
But, not because I care about being "cool".

I didn't like the fact that my photos could end up who knows where, in the whole six degrees of separation way of file sharing Facebook has.

I also didn't like the random friend requests from strangers who have never once commented on my blog, but assume we are "friends".

It's creepy.
Facebook is creepy, with their refusal to let you go.
You can't delete your profile, only "deactivate" it.

So, making it "uncool", those old fogies are saving people from themselves, and forcing it to maybe evolve as something altogether different.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Young American ode to ugly ducklings...

Teacher Takes a Ho Day, Gets Busted

"BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio (Feb. 11) - A fourth-grade teacher had a side job as a prostitute, and even skipped class after using a school computer to arrange an afternoon tryst at a motel, authorities said Wednesday.
Amber Carter, 35, left school early on Tuesday — taking half a sick day — and was arrested in a motel parking lot in Bellefontaine, where authorities had set up a sting operation."

Asylum says:

"After 13 years in the Bellefontaine school system, Carter has been placed on administrative leave, and the school's principal and guidance counselor met with the students to answer questions about the allegations. We're wondering if the career counselor also held an impromptu Q&A about the disadvantages of getting into a field as low-paying as teaching."

Is teaching such a low paying career choice in the states?
That's just sad.

It's a coveted job here in Canada, and busting into the Toronto District School Board with a full time, permanent position is harder than trigonometry.

You know, there is a real Eastern European Baba quality to Maggie's fashion choices.
Everytime I see her in one of these frumpy getups, I wonder what she was thinking.
Perhaps on a waify little thing, it could pass for ironic...but, Maggie always appears to be looking for a sale on Hungarian waitress boots.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

I know that it's hilarious to a lot of people, but I watched it with sadness.
Joaquin is on the verge of some sort of breakdown, and I don't find it funny at all.

The Guinea Pig Olympics

The events can be seen here.

Puts me in mind of Hammy Hamster.
If you're Canadian, you'll surely remember him.

Blood Boil.

I can't tell you how insulted I am by the possibility of yet another strike.

In this economic climate, with the highest unemployment rate since the great depression, the threat is an affront to all of us.

"...the contract proposal would give teachers a 10.4 per cent salary increase over four years, and include money to hire more teachers.

School boards have already accepted the offer, but the union says it's outraged by Ms. Wynne's threats and deadlines."

Yes, the union can afford to be "outraged".
It's not them who are going to have to walk the picket lines. It's the Teachers who will lose pay while they're walking the line, even if they voted to accept the agreement.
The union is also not going to have to be in the classroom to face the parents who already feel that Teachers have it 'cushy', and are angrier with every threat to keep their children out of the classroom.
The Union forcing their members into a strike in this economic climate will only serve to further damage an already tarnished relationship between the general public and Teachers.

"The dispute between the union and the school boards appears to center more on who controls how teachers do their jobs rather than how much teachers are paid.

Mr. Clegg said earlier that school boards are pressing teachers to double the amount of time they spend supervising children outside of class time and giving principals a say in how some preparation time is used - demands not made of their high school counterparts.

The union asked for raises of between 3 to 4 per cent in the first three years, and no increase in the fourth year so the money could be used to hire 1,500 more teachers, as well as other non-monetary items.

The school boards' association argued that even without a salary increase in the fourth year, the union's request would cost it an extra $260-million in funds it doesn't have."

The bullshit line about it "not being about the money", is also an insult.
Everyone knows that time is money...and to date, I don't know of anyone who is willing to give you that time for free.

It just makes me sick.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Guess which country, alone in the industrialized world, has not faced a single bank failure, calls for bailouts or government intervention in the financial or mortgage sectors. Yup, it's Canada. In 2008, the World Economic Forum ranked Canada's banking system the healthiest in the world. America's ranked 40th."

Let's face it...even with ok credit, sometimes you can't get a loan in Canada.

Canadian banks saving us from ourselves...

Loves it.

"A homeowner, alerted of an impending home invasion by his security cameras, arms himself and takes matters into his hands last Thursday when four armed suspects attempt to break into his home."

You have to check out the video from the home owners security cameras.

(Found at J-Walk Blog)

Back when Calypso was first discovered by white people.

"DETROIT — General Motors Corp. is planning to slash another 10,000 salaried jobs by May, saying the cuts are unavoidable with a government restructuring deadline looming and industry-wide sales in one of the worst downturns in history."

I heard an insight analyst predict that GM would file chapter 11, close Canadian operations and move most to the states and some of them to Mexico within the next few years.
Which wouldn't surprise me in the least. Because the US economy is tanking...any jobs that a US company can provide, an effort would be made to provide them in their own country.

"In Canada, the federal and Ontario governments have said they're willing to provide the equivalent of 20 per cent of what the U.S. government provides — about $4-billion (Cdn.) — to help subsidiaries of the Detroit Three auto makers, although conditions are attached."

Is one of the conditions to keep Canadian jobs?
To give the money back if you decide to move operations out of Canada?
I hope so.
You would think so...but, just because it makes sense, doesn't always make it so.

It's a sad state of affairs...and yet even in this climate, people are still demanding.

It's remarkable.

Monday, February 09, 2009

“It was never about money — it was Mel’s way of asking Eddie to show consideration for Angel.”


YTMND: Carmina Burana, alternate lyrics

(found at Blame it on the Voices)

Octuplet Mom

I don't really know where to begin with this.

Harshly judged because she's a single mother?

Let's get this in perspective.
If she was working in a daycare centre in this Province, it would be illegal for Nadya to be alone in a room with 14 children.
She would be over ratio.
She would need at least 2 other people working with her.

When she says that she'll finish school and be able to support herself and her 14 children, on a counselors salary?...I am convinced that she's certifiable.

A social service agency needs to step in, and the Doctors who knew, and allowed her to do it should have to answer to a judge.

Jesus Christ.

Jezebel's "What Happened to the Girls at Last Night's Grammy's"

I dunno, I thought most of the "Good" sucked too.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pearl Bailey - I'm Tired

What can I say?
I love the era.

Blueberry Cake

at Papamo

Muslim, and Gay

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

When one of the men was being counseled by his Imam, the Imam ignores the point and I got the message that he should go back to his family, and go on the down low.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eastern European Shenanigans:

According to my Tetka, I found out today that my bad sleeping problems may be caused by a hex.

I was told to sleep with my pajamas inside out, and try to figure out who might have put the curse on me.

she ended with, "Ya, I no yu no believe...bah it kud heppen.".

Ahhh, the comfort of being in the bosom of an Eastern European family.
There's nothing like chicken soup for the soul.

TORONTO -- When Roger Booker realized he was an instant millionaire, he told his wife to call into work to say she won't be returning -- ever. However, he'll stay on the job.

The 41-year-old Pickering man held the third winning ticket in last month's huge $44-million Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

I totally understand wanting to keep working.

Roger has one of those sweet jobs that pays well, with great benefits that is hard to get.

He works for Toronto Hydro.

Perhaps Roger could fight boredom by starting his own business in his area of expertise...I dunno, perhaps eventually employ a few people.

Totally none of my business (obviously), but with that kind of money in the bank (44 frickn' million) maybe Roger could be a mensch, and give that sweet Hydro job to someone who needs it so that their family can live a little better.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

F*** My Life

Hilariously sad twitter sized statements on life.

(Found at Funkaoshi)

I want this on the dessert table at our Annual BBQ this coming August.


...see more watermelon sculpture here.

(Found at squandrous)

From: The Art of Manliness

The first one listed is: "Thank you".
I don't think even I understood how important it is to be thanked for the thankless little jobs that are done every day.

I didn't really understand it until I was thanked by the Mister for almost everything I did for him.
It is a big deal to know that even the simplest little gesture is appreciated.

I've got to give my man props for using all the phrases on that list.

Real men appreciate you.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Save the Words....

Save words from extinction by adopting one.

(From A Welsh View)

Today's LOL
(well...mine anyway...)


Two Things:

Springfield, N.B. — A New Brunswick school has been ordered to begin playing O Canada before classes again.

Belleisle Elementary in Springfield stopped playing the anthem in September, 2007, after complaints by two families who took issue with the practice.

A superintendent for School District 6 says a flood of calls and e-mails from across the country persuaded the board to reinstate the anthem.

The Canadian Press

Kiss our collective Canadian asses Principal Millett.


TORONTO — Classes resume today for 50,000 students at York University after last week's passage of back-to-work legislation, but the fallout from the 12-week strike that crippled Canada's third-largest university will be felt for some time.

With staff chanting prior to entering classes, and no doubt there's a lot of tension there.
If I were a student who was robbed of my tuition for a semester, I'd be pissed.
Well, with enrollment down 15%, I'm sure there will be layoffs to follow.
Job security for contract workers?