Thursday, January 25, 2007

Apparently, not only do we have to worry about them getting into our schools and hiding in the bathrooms to grab kids.... we have to worry about them enrolling and posing as students themselves!

"29 year old Neil Havens Rodreick II enrolled at Mingus Springs Charter School in Arizona under the name of 'Casey Price'. He was accompanied by 61-year-old Lonnie Stiffler (below), one of the men he was living with, who claimed to be his grandfather. That school notified authorities when paperwork his 'grandfather' provided turned out to be false."

Here's the part of the article that got me:

"Susan Quayle, spokeswoman for Yavapai County sheriff's office, said that Stiffler and Snow were 'very upset when the detectives told them they had been having a sexual relationship with a 29-year-old man, and not a pre-teen boy.'"

Jesus Christ.

In other news:
Exactly what kind of parties are teens having these days?

I guess the days of smoking pot, and staying out past your curfew can step aside to gang-bangs and videotape.

There's a debate on this case going on at Metafilter, if you care to check it out.