Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Click Around.

I've been fascinated with the British Series, Seven Up since I first heard about it (and watched a few episodes) in my early twenties. The idea of choosing a number of children in the second grade, and then following them through their lives at seven year intervals is a gigantic feat, and a captivating chronicle of human life.
These filmmakers have left an historical gift of life, and times in England for an entire generation.
The film clip I posted is of Paul... Wiki says: Paul, who was at a charity-based boarding school at 7, his parents having divorced and been left with his father. Soon after Seven Up! his father moved the family to Australia where he has remained in the Melbourne area ever since. The person whom most interested me in the series was Neil, who was homeless and clearly fighting mental health issues in the last episode I saw.
I am now dying to get my hands on 42UP and 49UP. Here's a little article from Time on the series.

While I was searching the site "Find a Death" which gives you the circumstances and details of famous peoples' deaths...don't ask...I don't know how I got there...I found Ken Atison Seiuli who is the drag queen that Eddie Murphy was giving a lift home to back in the '90's...and spawned all the "Eddie Murphy is gay" rumours. Apparently, "Shalomar" as Seiuli liked to be called fell off her apartment building to her death a couple of years after the controversy with Eddie Murphy.
Here is an article on the shady goings on surrounding the damage control Murphy's PR/Lawyers engaged in. Since then, Eddie has been rumoured to be on the "down low" with '90's crooner Johnny Gill. Johnny Gill's wife supposedly left him because of his relationship with Eddie, and Johnny moved onto Eddie's estate. Shortly after, Eddie and his wife divorced.
Just come out already.

Fans of SCTV and John Candy will remember "Magnum P.E.I". It brought back memories and a smile.

Here's a Bagel recipe from Rockin' Jellyfish...which I'll be trying for sure. I don't know when, but I will.

This Hinterland spoof video brought me back to middle school. While this is little video is a joke, The National Film Board of Canada was chock full of these back in the day, and if you search Hinterland on YouTube, they all come up. The flute music at the beginning will shoot any Canadian over 35 back to their boring grade 7 science class.

Lost in the Struggle is a Fifth Estate documentary
, where filmmakers gave a couple of "thugs" from Jane and Finch, here in Toronto a camera and let them document themselves, and then interviewed them and pieced together an interesting piece on life on the streets of the Jane/Finch Corridor. While the 45 minute long documentary is interesting, I can't help but wonder how these guys aren't scared...if not for their lives from their "homies", then at least from the police who can watch the documentary and have them doing shit on film for the world to see. Either way, there's a website about the Jane/Finch community that features rap videos of residents who want to break into rap, as well as the positives that the community is doing.

Since I've been kind of down in the dumps lately, I've been searching out comedians...and I've found some pretty good ones. Here they on their names for their stand up acts:
Ron Josol, Gerry Dee..who I've seen live and funnier....Bernie Mac #1 and #2 from The Kings of Comedy, Carlos Mencia, Ryan Younglao, KT Tatara, Matt Billon, Marina Franklin, the most recent bootlegged (I'm assuming) Russell Peters.

That's all for now, kids...