Friday, January 26, 2007

Banks Are Ripping Us Off!

No kidding?

Jack Layton is all in a tizzy, and the leading banks seem to be blowing him off, with the old "Oh, he's just on a socialist NDP rant".

I understand the concept of "convenience fees", but when both your home branch and the other branch ding you, totalling up to four or five bucks per transaction...that's a little greedy, no?

Well, this guy in Scotland took his bank to court for his service fees, and won by default when his bank arrogantly ignored the court order, and didn't show up.

He sent the bailiffs in to collect what was owed to him.

"Mr Purcell said: 'I think the bank was pretty shocked when the bailiffs went in. But my view is that this is exactly what they would have done to me.'"

Maybe this is what we all should do.