Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Click Around

I love the titles and art of old Pulp Fiction. So naughty and titillating. Now, they're kitchy and hilarious...back in the day, you had to hide the covers like porn. I remember mama telling me that when she read "Nana" by Emile Zola, she had to hide the book from her parents because it was about a French Courtesan. Imagine that Emile Zola was considered 'smut' in the 1950's by some people. So, if we apply the same rule, these must be classics by now. Anyhow, here is a site that has a lot of Pulp Fiction postcards that look pretty cool.

How Things Used to Be is a collection of facts about how life was in the 1500's. I don't know how accurate it is, but it's pretty fascinating.

Speaking of how things were, here are 37 Fads That Swept the Nation via Neatorama. There are a lot of them that I can't imagine how they "swept the Nation", but I suppose people being the sheep that we are, can tip the stupidest things into mass consumption.

I'm assuming this is done as a joke. It's David Brent from The Office (UK Version) singing "If You Don't Know Me by Now". It's just a tad...awkward. Speaking of awkward, here is a video resume by Yale University's Aleksey Vayner. This is someone who totally bought into the whole motivational speaker movement, with a good, healthy dose of "I'm an Ivy League Guy".

I'm assuming that this fashion photographer is Serbian, because nowhere on this site does it say where he's from...but the name combined with the lack of info on the "about" page tells me all I need to know. Speaking of photographers, here is Lois Greenfield's site...nice.
And Riri's 365 Days Project. I love Riri's unconventional beauty. She's totally unselfconscious, and that's part of the appeal of her photos for me.
Here are Melvin Brown's nostalgia portraits. I liked them.

Russian sign language music video, and Crazy Russian Fun...both from English Russia.

Have we solved the mystery of mutual attraction? Yes. It's called money, power and fame. That's how guys like Salman Rushdie, and Howard Stern get chicks that look like models.

Oliver Laric's Aircondition video....oddly hypnotizing.

Miriam Makeba's Click Song. I was looking for something on video of Letta Mbulu, but I couldn't find anything. More's the pity, because she's got a beautiful voice. If you have a chance to find something by her, give her a listen.

Now, for the comedy. Gonna Make you Slug...slugs dancing to "Gonna Make you Sweat" by C&C Music Factory. Dave Chapelle's "I'm Oprah's baby daddy"....Here is the whole 45 minute set of the Russell Peter's "Comedy Now" set that toured the internet and catapulted him into international fame.
Carlos Mencia's "Whup Your Kids" and "What Women Want".
And one that you've probably already seen. A DUI stop that turns into a dance class.
Reno 911: Mime Crime.

And last but not least...since I posted that creepy Tom Waits video earlier this week, I thought that I'd post my favourite version of "Waltzing Matilda" by Tom Waits.
I think his version really captures the sad desperation of the lyrics.

Ok kids, that's all.